Research Projects

2017-2019: Co-Applicant/Principle Investigator for Vetenskapsrådet – Joint Programme Initiative on Anti-Microbial Resistance (JPI-AMR) Programme: “Predicting cell-cell horizontal transmission of antibiotics resistance from genome and phenome” (2016-06504; 3.5 MSEK)

2016-2022: Co-Applicant/Principle Investigator for University of Gothenburg Centres for Global Societal Challenges Programme: “Centre for Antibiotic Resistance Research (CARe)” (50 MSEK total), J Larsson and F Carlsson, Univ Gothenburg, Applicants

2015-2017: Applicant/Principle Investigator for VG ALF-LUA; “Proteomics-based diagnosis of infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance: a sensitive, rapid and cost-effective alternative” (ALFGBG-437221; 2.175 MSEK)

2014-2016: Applicant/Principle Investigator for Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA): “Detection and characterization of genes associated with the synthesis of bioactive compounds in bacteria from marine sediments of the Chilean coast: searching for novel antimicrobial agents” (Project No. 348-2013-6713; 750 kSEK)

2013-2017: Co-Applicant/Principle Investigator for European Union - FP7-HEALTH-2013-INNOVATION-1: “Development of Tailored Anti-microbial Treatment Regimens and Novel Host-Pathogen Insights for Respiratory Tract Infections and Sepsis (TAILORED-Treatment)” (Project No. HEALTH-F3-602860-2013; 1.300 M€ / 5.975 M€ total), J Hayes, Erasmus Medical Centre NL, Coordinator

2012-2015: Co-Applicant/Principle Investigator for European Science Foundation (ESF) - INFRA-2012-2.2.3: “Microbial Resource Research Infra-structure (MIRRI)” (Project No. FP7-312251; 85 k€ / 3150 M€ total), D. Fritze, DSMZ DE, Coordinator

2012-2014: Applicant/Principle Investigator for ALF-LUA: “Multi-drug-resistant Gram-negative infectious bacteria: new genotypic and phenotypic developments for diagnostics and epidemiological control within the clinical environment” (Project No. ALFGBG-210591; 2.550 MSEK)

2011-2015: Co-Applicant for Vetenskapsrådet; “Antibiotic resistance in the external environment - the role of antibiotic pollution in the selection of resistance and subsequent gene transfer to the human microbiome” (Project No. 2010-6338-77423-98), J Larsson, Univ Gothenburg, Applicant

2011-2012: Applicant/Principle Investigator for FOU-Västra Götaland Region: “Epidemiological analyses of multi-drug resistant Gram-negative infectious bacteria: development and application for detection and typing” (Project No. VGFOUREG-157801; 296 kSEK)

2009-2011: Applicant/Principle Investigator for SIDA: “Microbial Diversity and Development of Antibiotic Resistance Associated with Industrial Wastewater Treatment” (Project No. SIDA-VR 254405107; 750 kSEK)

2009-2011: Applicant/Principle Investigator for FOU-Västra Götaland Region: “Diagnoses of antibiotic resistance in clinically-relevant bacteria: a rapid and cost-effective method for identification and typing by using mass spectrometry” (Project No. VGFOUREG-30781; 218 kSEK)

2008-2010: Applicant/Principle Investigator for ALF-LUA: “Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase (ESBL) Bacteria: Identification, Epidemiology, Genetic Analysis and Control of their Proliferation within the Clinical Environment” (Project No. ALFGBG-11574; 1.155 MSEK)