Research Activites

Besides holding one of the largest collections of pathogenic and other clinically-relevant bacteria, the CCUG is active as a research group. The CCUG Research Group takes advantage of its extensive microbiological holdings and expertise in systematic analyses to participate in national and international projects.

The research topics of the CCUG Research Group has been focused on improving clinical diagnostics of infectious disease, including the detection and identification of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The CCUG has access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment within the Department of Clinical Microbiology, Sahlgrenska University Hospital and through affiliation in the Sahlgrenska Academy of the University of Gothenburg.

The CCUG Research Group participates as Main Applicant (Principle Investigator) and Co-Applicant in regional, VÀstra Gotalandsregionen ( and national, VetenskapsrÄdet ( , Formas ( , SIDA ( projects. The CCUG has been active in international research projects, as participants in consortia supported by the European Commission Framework Programme and the European Science Foundataion (ESF), as well as Co-Applicants in nationally-funded projects, e.g., from Spain, Chile, etc. Post-graduate students working on Masters (MS) and doctoral (PhD) projects and Post-doctoral projects make the CCUG an active research collection.