Guide to Ordering Strains

We prefer website or email orders, but we also accept orders by fax or letter. Letter on official paper should be used for strains considered hazardous by public health laboratories. Risk group 2 organisms will not be sent to a private address, nor to schools. You will find our coordinates in the footer of this page. We are unable to process an order if we do not have your full coordinates, including your personal (professional) phone number and your institution/company's fax number. Within EU we need a VAT number. Shipping policy and charges are found on other pages in our site. Please check with your authorities for your countries eventual import restrictions. Please do not order restricted strains without a dialog with us !

Please read our disclaimer. Ordering strains implies acceptance of the CCUG policy.

You will notice that we structure your coordinates as follows:

If this is your first order with the CCUG, please remember to communicate:

All orders are acknowledged by fax. Updated information on each strain will be given if possible, including optimal revival conditions. At the same time a 'shipment check' document is sent to you. Please read the document carefully. The purpose is to tell you how we intend to send the cultures and which documents we will use. We also ask you for feed-back if your country has any restrictions that we are not aware of, or a more strict hazard classification than that of Sweden.

Invoices abroad are promptly posted in duplicate. Invoices may be addressed to a third party. Unfortunately, the University of Göteborg will not accept credit cards. Sweden is not yet participating in the European Monetary Union. We are therefore invoicing in SEK (Swedish Crown), but the University accepts payments in EUR (European Euro) or USD. Please find below a link to a currency converter. Our IBAN number is: SE4850000000054391032309

Domestic invoices are issued monthly by: Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset, Medicinsk Diagnostik och Teknik, Klinisk bakteriologi, immunologi och virologi. Please check the instructions for payment given on the invoice.

For the customs the 'statistiskt nummer' or commodity code for bacterial cultures is: 3002 9050

Shipment Checklist
WFCC report