Sending Deposits

Shipments of parcels by courier
(FedEx and other special delivery companies)

CCUG - Culture Collection University of Gothenburg
Attn: Elisabeth Inganäs / Maria Ohlén
Clinical Microbiology
Guldhedsgatan 10A
SE-413 46 Gothenburg
Contact phone no.: +46 31 342 4702

Shipments with Postal Service
Attn: Elisabeth Inganäs / Maria Ohlén
Sahlgrenska universitetssjukhuset
Box 7193
SE-402 34 Göteborg
Tel.: +46 31 342 4702

The CCUG is located outside the Sahlgrenska University Hospital at Guldhedsgatan 10A in the Klinisk Bakterologi building housing both the Public Health Service Laboratory and the Department of Clinical Microbiology of the Medical Faculty of the University of Göteborg.

Shipping Advice for within Sweden