Guide To Strains Selection

If you do not have experience of ordering strains, we suggest that you send an email to the Curator explaining your needs. If you know the species you want to study, but not the strain numbers, just order the species. The Curator will normally send you the type strains.

We strongly recommend our search engine. Take your time ! Please read carefully strain entries. If there is a "#" after the accession number, there is a problem. Select another strain or check with the CCUG if the reason is not specified.

If you do not wish to order the type strain, we recommend that you order a strain with as much information as possible (use the 'Show Tests' button) or with a literature reference (use the 'Show Strain Literature'). The CCUG may reprocess any strain of interest to you if the identification is doubtful or of old date.

If you need a whole set-up of DNA-groups, serotype, serogroup strains, please inquire about the availability of a table.

Policy For Replacement Ampoules

Of course you may request free replacement ampoules if a batch has unacceptable quality. Replacements will only be free when a new quality control at the CCUG has shown the batch to be below our standards.

In the case of the most fastidious organisms (Helicobacter, Porphyromonas, Bacteroides forsythus, etc.) we put these in our on-line database for sale with appropriate warnings. Considered all the care we give these extremophils, the price is low and it is reasonable that the customer takes his part of the responsability in using optimal conditions or accepting to pay for replacements even when the perfect batch only gives poor growth.

Fee for replacement ampoule = as for the 2nd ampoule ordered - plus normal packaging/shipping fee